Made the hard way

What we make

Pinkyrose produces, distributes and sells small batches of the first fresh ‘handmade’ syrup in the world. Our syrups are processed with high quality whole ingredients, vegan and gluten-free products. But most important, we do not use any artificial preservatives.

Pinkyrose is the natural alternative to mass-produced soda. A fresh lemonade or the perfect cocktail elixer.

Instead of focussing on improving an existing product, we decided to fill a gap, Pinkyrose does that.

— Mat Buitelaar, Chef & Creator

The Kitchen

Over more than 20-years of gastronomic experience, our Pinkyrose chef was able to create unique flavours. It all begins with a selection of the best quality ingredients with each a specific feature. Delicate flowers, fruits, spices and herbs are carefully picked out to create the perfect blend of interesting flavours. Our kitchen only speaks passion for pure products. 


The idea of ​​'only-the-best' has been the foundation of creating a craft-company. This calls for a handmade process that involves a lot of time and research. The flavours are tested continuously and the techniques are often renewed. All this to produce a world-class quality syrup to add to your fridge at home or to add on to your beverage menu.

“It must be hard to make fresh and serious syrups, because nobody else does it...”.

— Mat Buitelaar, Chef & Creator


Our syrups are a wonderful addition to both your non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage menu. They are the perfect alternative to mass-produced soda and they work well with stillor sparkling mineral water. The perfect serve for your restaurant, bar of club.

The Flamingo Brand

We set out to create a brand where flavour is equally important as the design of it.

— Hugo van den Emster, Creative Director